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Unlike most other real estate companies, Trophy Properties and Auction is focused solely on properties that are conducive to hunting, fishing, farming and outdoor life. We were tasked with creating a website that captured the essence of the non-urban lifestyle that showcased raw hunting land to multi-million dollar ranches and everything in between.

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Web Design & Development

Our approach became evident as we worked our way through the discovery phase of the project. Through our research we were able to identify a handful of unique personas of potential buyers in this market. Though it became clear that there was no such thing as a “typical” buyer, we were able to find a few key attributes that were common among them. And it was those findings that directed the creative process.

We worked closely with the company manager to determine what aspects of the current website were not working for the agency. This was not our first Real Estate website so we were very confident when it came to knowing how the potential buyer searches and how to strategize content placement for better SEO.

Properties needed to be presented in an easy to navigate grid. Photos needed to be plentiful and clear. And, most importantly, the search feature had to be easy to use and accurate when presenting results. Lastly, the website needed to capture leads and track user information. The site has been so successful, that it is being mimicked by other franchise owners and competitive real estate marketers.

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