The logo that has served you for many years, perhaps decades, needs new life. Your business space is lackluster, maybe even in need of repairs. Your digital brand presence is falling behind. What do you do?

Rebranding can be a big undertaking, and no one should have to take it on alone! Even if you can’t dive in deep with a company that specializes in the topic, you can follow a few steps to help steer you in a better direction.

1. Reflect on the experience you aim to create

Now more than ever, people go places to experience something – to FEEL something. What is it that you want to make visitors feel? Cozy? Sophisticated? Like kids again? This is part of telling your story, and ideally, it’s already encompassed in your mission statement and company vision. If not, take a minute to pinpoint a few keywords or phrases.

Once you have them in mind, ask yourself if your branded materials and environment tell this same story. If you are already looking to rebrand, they likely don’t – at least not fully. That’s okay! Admitting that to yourself is probably the hardest part.

2. Brainstorm how you can best create this experience for your audience

You may find that this brainstorming is best done using a vision board covered with on-theme images, taking a look at competitors that you admire, or researching other unique businesses that seem to have their brand locked in. What common elements did you find across your board or throughout another business, and how did they work together to evoke the feeling you or that business set out to evoke?

Now, how can these ideas be brought to life in your own business? Go through all the customer-facing aspects of your operation. Your logo, online presence, physical space… How can they better align to share your vision and spark emotion at first sight?

3. Take Action!

Start with the “easy stuff” and remove what doesn’t fit. Maybe it’s social media posts that don’t fit your clientele, a weekly special that’s attracting the wrong audience, or pieces of your decor that don’t align with the vibe you’re creating. Sift out these misaligned pieces first, then prioritize what needs some investment.

You may need a logo reboot, fresh high-quality photos of your business for your website or even a substantial remodel of your space. All of it does not need to happen overnight, and when it is complete you won’t regret the investment! If you do suspect you need a major overhaul by the end of this process, and it feels like a bit more than you can manage on your own, Vector & Ink is always here to help!

4. Don’t Stray!

Okay, fast forward a bit. Your logo has been refreshed, the facelift of your space has been completed, and social media channels are getting the correct message out there. Done, right? NOPE!

The most challenging, yet most important, part of the process can be saying no to changes or updates that don’t continue to honor the brand you’ve built. Go back to step 1 anytime you are wondering if something is on-brand. Does it add to your story, and will it make your target audience have that feeling you are aiming for? Going back to these basics will continue to serve as your internal compass ensuring you don’t lose sight of who you are as a company.

Happy branding!