What goes into a V&I internal piece

CEO, Dan Marsich, knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to take the leap of faith and trust those he hires (both internally and externally) to build something that is truly unique, interesting and most definitely one of a kind. You are not going to walk into another corporate office and see this table anywhere.

The table was commissioned in May of this year and after months of work, we have a piece of furniture that has design and input from both customer and builder.

A few design points in this table are the combination of wood and metal.

This combination was chosen to give the image that the base was industrial or reused from another era using World War II Lycoming motors, hot rivets to join the metal bracing and steel work itself designed after industrial buildings. while the table surface has a drastic contrast to base it is made of sugar maple and black walnut wood to a finish of a fine musical instrument.

Everything Nick Johnson makes is crafted especially for each person and their challenge or vision.