Eat. Drink. Dells. is a publication meant to promote and exploit the businesses that the Dells knows and loves best. With an *EMPHASIS* on what to do and unveiling the stories behind the spaces + places, we’re proud to showcase our 2nd Edition of this prizewinning book.

What’s our secret you may ask?

Advertisement + Editorial = Advertorial

This publication continued to factor in our most coveted addition to our army of sales tools and it’s what we call an “advertorial.” The model of content gave the book a cleaner look and the read time skyrocketed!

Ever since we started upping our game with content in the form of advertorials, we’ve seen our readers more pleased and our clients more profitable. With an advertorial, the “selling” is masked in the form of content where the client gets to choose the main point and we do the storytelling.

Clients like Hot Rocks, Grateful Shed, Pizza Pub, Summer House, BLux, Mt. Olympus, and Riverfront Terrace all told unique and invigorating stories to beef up the book.