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Grateful Shed Girl Posing in VW Bus

Blasé — Confronting a Yawning Audience:

Opening a new hot-spot in the Dells is pointless if people — both tourists and locals — aren’t aware of it. Our challenge was to focus GST’s reach to create initial, and continued, organic awareness. We believe the Grateful Shed is the latest and gratest (*spelling intentional*) food truckyard in the Midwest, a grub spot that the masses need to be aware of.

What Your Neighbor is Eating for Breakfast

Facebook Background:

Facebook is the most famous social network. It takes the cake for most popular of all time. 65% of Facebook users are 35+, making this a valuable platform to capture the more experienced spenders. Facebook was singled out as the primary informational tool to promote the Shed and all of its offerings. Heavily integrated into the Shed’s strategy, the business has used Facebook to house their open job descriptions, events, and specials.

Grateful Shed Facebook Engagements
Grateful Shed Facebook Engagements

Infinite Scrolling Obsession

Instagram Background:

Instagram is a photo and video-centric platform catering to the younger culture, therefore, making it a logical option for a company to engage and cross-pollinate with the opposite Facebook audience. Because of the unique and interesting aspects of the Grateful Shed concept, Instagram was a no-brainer. The Shed continues to prove itself picture-worthy and a place where just as many pictures are taken as food eaten.

Grateful Shed Instagram Posts

Defense Mechanisms

Tricks, Sideswipe Maneuvers, and Soft Whispers:

Vector & Ink had full creative control of the brand from the point of conception. Since our “Gotcha Day” we have had a deep understanding of the business goals and tone, hence making room for a robust social plan. The plan focused on organic reach and recall, piquing the interest of current and potential visitors to the Dells and captivating the locals too. By representing the business with an amusing and deliciously cheeky voice, we were able to keep our messages playful, witty, and memorable.

Grateful Shed Ice Cream, Cornhole, Grilled Cheese, and Dogs

The Aftermath

Yum Yum Who Got Sum?
We saw rapid follower growth on both Facebook and Instagram in just a few short months, passing up many local business profiles that have been around for years. Many of the spaces in the Shed were created with social shareability in mind and we definitely saw the results of those shareable spaces in comments, mentions, reviews, and shares.
Organic Facebook Results After 6 Months: 
Followers: 4,347
Impressions: 951,634
Recommendations: 938
Organic Instagram Results After 6 Months:
Followers: 1,256
Impressions: 105,450