Professional photography means more traffic

With Social Media taking over our lives, we’re continually flooded with excess information. All of us are guilty of scrolling through Facebook and clicking on an article, but only taking a short look at the headline and photos. After a 3 day period, we only remember about 10% of what we hear. When paired with photos, we remember 65%. We want to show you how important it is to use great photos to show-off what your business has to offer.

People are very visual. We tend to look first and ask questions later. Often without images, we don’t bother reading the content. Even when we do, our minds process text and photos very differently. Our brains store images in our long term memory, whereas text is stored in our short term memory.

Your business is unique. You aren’t the same as the company next door. Shouldn’t your photos represent that? New customers don’t know you’re as great as you are, so use photos that represent you.

Your photography is an extension of your brand. You’ve spent a lot of time and money to get the best logo, pick the perfect colors, the best merchandise, so why stop there? With your website and social media, using proper imagery can mean the difference between a scroll and a click. It can also help with getting your information shared across social media networks. Articles with an image placed every 75-100 words received double the shares than those with less photos.

Why choose hiring a professional over using stock photos? Professionals know how to make new and returning customers stop in their tracks. With so many stock photos being used it’s easy to spot what’s real and what’s fake. We can help you display the level of authenticity consumers expect.

Why not take your own photos? Though smartphones and digital cameras have come a long way, so have the expectations of the quality of photos you use. Screens get larger, the resolution gets higher. We all want what’s bigger & better, and the size and quality to match is growing with it. Without professional equipment and the knowledge of how to use it, you can’t create what your advertising requires. Professional photographers are not only equipped with the gear to take the photos but the knowledge of now to back it up. We know how to best represent you. We work with composition, lighting, color, and more to compel consumers.

Professional photography means more traffic. More traffic means more transactions. It’s as simple as that.