With the dizzying rise in the use of mobile phones and tablets, your website better be designed to populate any size screen.

Back in the day, we would design multiple sites. One to fit your computer, another to fit an Android device. And still another to fit an iPhone, and so on and so on. Silly, right?

But that’s all we had. Now we build “responsive” sites whereby our creative technologists design a site that “responds to” or resizes itself depending on the type of device being used.

“I have a mobile friendly site, isn’t that good enough?” We get that question all the time. The answer is simple; nope!

A mobile friendly site might render “OK” on smaller devices, hence mobile friendly, but it’s not user friendly! It will inevitably be glitchy, small, and almost impossible to read. And just try to touch one of the microscopic buttons!

If that isn’t enough, a responsive site is cheaper to develop and maintain, loads faster, is more conducive to sharing content on social platforms, and oh by the way, upwards of 60% of internet traffic is viewed on a small screen.