After 50 years of evolution, Ad-Lit took a good, long look at itself in the mirror. We saw a business that was no longer just a brochure distribution company, but a full-service, multi-channel marketing services company. We also saw a name that hadn’t kept pace.

Introducing Vector & Ink

What’s in a name? The word “vector” represents our digital capabilities. The simple definition; a digital graphic that can be scaled infinitely without loss of quality. Whereas “ink” is a nod to our legacy print business. Put them together, you get Vector & Ink, a premier tourism marketing agency with deep expertise in digital and traditional print media.

Logo and Brand Design

The Vector & Ink logo was chosen from no less than 50 concepts. We entertained everything from corporate to a cartoony to casual. We settled on a retro, approachable, and fun script style. Accompanying the logo, we designed numerous sub-logos and graphic elements that are being used on our collateral pieces, stationary, apparel, trucks, websites, and signage.

The logo became the impetus for our brand guidelines – featuring fresh fonts, an adopted color palette, and imagery that reflects our personality and company shared values.

Web Design & Development

You don’t change the oil in your car with changing the oil filter. And you don’t change your name and brand elements without changing your website. Oh sure, we could have just dropped in the new logo and changed a color here and there, but we started this whole thing because we looked in the mirror and our reflection didn’t resemble us anymore. Remember?