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We’ve all been there. Ate our lunch or dinner, and the waitress asks if we’d like dessert. “Are you kidding? I’m stuffed!” And that’s where the challenge comes in. How do we ensure that diners at B-Lux Grill & Bar leave room for the scrumptious shakes?

B-Lux Donut Shake and Lettuce Wraps
B-Lux featured cocktails

Print Design

B-Lux made it easy for us. Their desserts, especially their “hard shakes”, are so indulgent, and so tempting in pictures, that we once again kept things simple. We let the pictures speak for themselves. Beautifully lit shots of irresistible shakes on a dark background for dramatic effect, and casual call-outs to the ingredients were all we needed to get these table-top cards to get people to fall off their diet wagon.

B-Lux desserts - shake, donut, and donut-topped shake.

Web Design & Development

We began designing the website focused on eye catching photography and a simple readable design. We sprinkled the homepage with a taste of everything B-Lux has to offer. We let the imagery speak for itself which gave the design a fresh clean look.

We then focused on the all-important menu. With so many selections, it was imperative that we made it crisp and neatly organized. All menu items fell into logical categories – each more mouth-watering than the next.

Yeah, it’s easy to read, but that’s no guarantee it’ll be easy to choose.

B-Lux website displayed on a computer, mobile phone, and tablet
B-Lux shirt design with company logo and shake your burger text