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Chefs with food and drinks sitting at a bar


High Rock Cafe is a delightful collaboration of culinary experiences from around the country. The owners challenged us to create a website that would romance that story, and inspire visitors to come in to explore the menu with the same passion they enjoyed while developing it.

Spices and an Old Fashioned Drink
Seared Ahi Tuna Steak

Web Design & Development

The food at High Rock is not only ridiculously good, but it’s some of the best-looking, photogenic food we’ve ever seen. So why not let the pictures do the heavy lifting.

Glamour shots of some of their most popular menu items are enough to get your mouth watering. Before you know it, you find yourself in their dining room savoring the Crab Cakes or Chicken Waldorf salad or maybe it’s the Basil Mango Margarita or the Blackberry Kombucha Mojito. Either way, the website definitely did its job.

High Rock Cafe website displayed on computer, mobile phone, and tablet