Camp Social

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Vector & Ink can’t keep our noses out of a project that has potential to change the status of this city and revive eateries around it by raising the standard. Camp Social was a revival bringing entity that this city needed, and the Wilderness/Vector & Ink partnership isn’t stopping there.

On a casual afternoon, CEO, Dan Marsich, and Creative Director, Ashley Ward, walked what was the old Wild Canyon Cafe and saw nothing but the imaginable for the space. Slowly after they weaved their way into the project – from re-drawing up renderings done by an architecture company, putting together a conclusive storybook to convey the vision of the newly created brand of Camp Social, picking out tile for every square inch of the new space, designing the flow of the buffet, and working with various Wilderness 3rd party contractors/employees to get the idea right the first time.

Before the engagement began, one could run their finger over the thick layer of dust that coated the animal mounts on the wall but now we see that every part of the space is vital and utilized. The team helped created three unique entities to take up real estate on the buffet or in the space – including The Burger Bar, Candy Cabin, and The Coffee Canteen. New revenue sources were added through pop up kiosks and the customer flow was optimized by reconfiguring their buffet line. Partnering with a local coffee roaster, Bella Goose, also drove sales and they are now roasting a line of coffee beans just for the Camp Social, Coffee Canteen brand identity.

With their debut and opening shortly after the pandemic was ushering people out of quarantine, they have seen success despite the status of the world. The teams do hope for what’s to come in the cross-collaboration of pioneering their newest portfolio addition of Take Flight. Yet another thing Vector & Ink has linked arms together to see done the right and best way.

“The Wilderness Resort has a long standing tradition of being everyone’s favorite family waterpark destination. Countless family vacations have been spent here over our 25+ year history, and with any remodel we do, we’re always mindful of this aspect of our business… the memories. How do we keep our resort modern, while holding true and honoring the memories people have made with their families at our resort. Vector & Ink understood this message even before our first meeting. Their vision with Camp Social honored our Wilderness family mentality, and through custom “camp” designs and theming gave us the upgrade we needed to provide our guests a more functional and modern experience. Their number one priority was not us, or financially driven. Their number 1 priority from the start was our guest. Hearing this, we knew we found the right partner.”

Eric Borota, Food & Beverage Development – Wilderness Resorts.