Hempsation Fields

Web Design | Development


Say hello to Hempsation Fields, an industrial hemp facility and grain dryer with prized fields previously located in and around Reedsburg, WI.

Their heart was for the farmers and since 2018, they had been reintroducing industrial hemp to Wisconsin farmlands. Growing hemp is an agricultural adventure that’s expansive, disciplined, and lacking regional history, not to mention with information changing rapidly. Having gained grower and processor licenses, the company was dedicated to continue the research, growth, and harvest of industrial hemp for both grain and fiber usage.

But it was time for them to meet the hemp farmers where they are – online. Their customers could find them on mobile, tablets, and computers and what a partnership it was! 

Web Design & Development

Initially, Hempsation was convinced they wanted only a splashpage – merely a way to direct people to a page to further drive brand awareness. After various meetings with our team and months deliberating, it was mutually agreed upon that a shopping cart and eCommerce add on would be well received on all ends.

We had designed a splashpage for their business when they first came to us for branding help. The site was never launched due to initial doubts on what exposure they wanted and then they came back to us about designing packaging for their new soap bars they were creating using their hemp oil. They wanted their site to speak to their product being natural, using simple and clean ingredients, and locally crafted. 

Together, we brought to life a BRAND and a site that didn’t quite exist yet, complete with a WooCommerce plug-in to give the client the ability to sell their products online.

The client went from selling their soaps word of mouth style to actually being able to have a shopping cart and invite people to shop.