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Hot Rocks old fashioned drinks


Hot Rocks is more than just a restaurant- it’s a dining experience! The restaurant introduced hot rock cooking to their menu in 2016 when they were known as Crabby’s Seafood. It soon became so popular, that in the summer of 2018 Vector & Ink helped them to reimagine, rebrand, and rename themselves Hot Rocks.

We were there every step of the way during the rebranding, and set out to capture the feeling and experience of cooking on hot rocks with a bold, video hero (the video that plays when you open up a website). The new website and logo capture the primitive tiki atmosphere signature to this unique and delicious Wisconsin Dells venue.

Can you tell we love branding as much as we love food?

Hot Rocks website displayed on computer, mobile phone, and tablet
Crabby's All You Can Eat Seafood & More logo
Crabby's Logo - Before
Hot Rocks Sear. Sizzle. Savor. Logo
Hot Rocks Logo - After
Hot Rocks brochure highlighting their food and drink options