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When we signed up to partner with Sundara Spa in June 2020, their main goals were to grow their Instagram following and bring attention to Sundara as a destination spa.

The V&I Social Team started by defining Sundara’s target audience and establishing a brand voice. Sundara’s target demographic was determined as individuals aged 35-55 looking to relax or pamper themselves. When writing copy and strategizing posts, we crafted mature messaging with a calm and relaxing voice, in order to connect with this demographic.

When it came to choosing imagery, we strategically selected photos of Sundara’s many beautiful spaces, relaxing services, elegant dishes, and individuals indulging in combinations of all three. This was a shift from the many text-heavy graphics and branded content that previously made it difficult for their audience to connect with them – instead tuning out Sundara’s posts as ads.

Below you’ll see the before (left side) and our after (right side) 👇🏼

The new content added value for their followers and encouraged more interaction with them. After sharing many eye-catching images paired with a consistent brand voice, several users commented and messaged Sundara’s social profiles asking for information or next steps.


In September, we saw that influencers Tristan Jass (2M) and Hannah Stone (43.4K) were visiting the Dells, so we invited them to experience Sundara for a day. Hannah shared the below post as well as several Instagram stories documenting her experience.

Sundara Spa is usually a phone-free zone, but they made an exception for Hannah and Tristan to share with their followers how they enjoyed Sundara’s amenities and services for the day. This allowed for a unique opportunity for social media brand exposure from a visitor’s point of view — something that wouldn’t normally be possible without the use of phones in the space. The post was liked by over 5,000 people and seen by up to 43,000 more of her followers.

Marketing a Safe Spa in the Midst of a Pandemic

Throughout our entire engagement, we witnessed Sundara reap the social media benefits of being a safe spa during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. We saw steady increases in both Facebook Page Likes and Instagram Followers every month we worked with them, and while this can certainly be attributed to quality content and brand consistency, there was something else at play here. 

During the pandemic, there was a lot of fear and uncertainty. It was very important to be transparent with Sundara’s followers about the practices and protocols put in place to protect their guests and ensure a safe and pleasant experience.

While many brands suffered during the pandemic, Sundara thrived as a peaceful sanctuary for visitors to relax, unwind, and escape from the outside world. 

We ended our engagement after 6 successful months – with the client more aware of the photography their audience expected, the verbiage to be shared, and unique ways to engage beyond that. They learned how to make a social calendar, we passed off our favorite tools for scheduling posts, and a much appreciated rapport was built by learning from us.