Print marketing is alive and well, and if you are distributing literature with Vector & Ink, then you are already one step ahead of your competition. You’re in the game, and print marketing is an important piece to your overall marketing strategy. The trick is, you must make your printed materials work as hard as possible for you and your business.

But, how do you do that?

How do you compete with the other businesses in the racks?

What can you do get the most bang for your print marketing buck?

Give these tips a little read through!

Tip #1: Make the Top Three Inches of Your Brochure Say, “Pick Me!”

When a standard 4” x 9” piece of literature is in a rack, it is the top 2 ½ to 3 inches that is the most exposed to the eyes of your potential customers. That small piece of real estate on the front of your brochure needs to be your attention grabber. It’s the prime location to use some clever verbiage, your logo or special deal to pique the interest of potential customers. Yes, the overall look of the brochure is important, but if you can’t quickly convince those wandering eyes to explore it further, then you aren’t taking full advantage of your print marketing potential. It’s vital to make that real estate count!

Tip #2: Brand Consistency

The brand story, the look and feel of your brochure or rack card should always be on point with the story of your business. Brand consistency between the different pieces of your marketing puzzle makes a potential customer feel more trusting of your business. Your literature design should complement your website, which should stay on brand for your business. Together, when all the pieces match, it makes potential customers say, “Yeah… this place looks reputable, trustworthy and they’ve really got their stuff together!”

Tip #3: Tell Your Story

You’ve got the attention of your potential customers. They’ve picked up your brochure and are admiring the consistent look and feel of your theme. Now what? What is important for them to know? Make your content count by personalizing your literature and telling that story to your readers. Anyone can list their hours of operation or list their special events, but what is it about your business that sets you apart from your competitors? Why should they make time in their day to visit you? Make it a point to get that information across to your potential customers.

Printed literature can be a powerful weapon in your marketing arsenal. Don’t take it for granted! It’s an important piece to your overall marketing strategy. When you understand how to make it work for you, you can improve your business exposure, earn trust and build a stronger brand.