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We had a four-month social media engagement with Krus Fire & Security for which our goals were to build their social media presence, and in doing so, help them better connect with their audience.

Our first step was to set up an Instagram account and begin posting regularly to Facebook and Instagram to build relevance and credibility with their audience.

We tried posting a variety of content to see what resonated with Krus’ followers the most. It quickly became evident that their audience connected and engaged more when we told stories about the projects the Krus team was working on or showed their staff on the job.

But First, Let Me Take a Selfie

About halfway through our engagement, we decided to post a selfie of their owner, John Krus.

We knew the “real” content — showing real people and projects — performed better than more generic posts about products or fire safety tips, but we didn’t necessarily expect dramatic results. This selfie, however, generated about two times more engagements (reactions, comments, shares) than most of the previous posts we had created.

We decided to see if we could replicate the success of this post by sprinkling in selfies of John every couple of posts.

The results? We more than replicated that success.

No Shame in Asking for the Follow

Once we developed and solidified our posting strategy, we saw significant increases in engagement, and we expected that the Facebook Page Likes and Instagram Followers would grow and mirror that success.

We did see some growth, but the numbers were growing at a slower pace than we would have liked.

We drafted up a visually appealing email inviting Krus’ customers, employees, friends, and family to like and follow them on social media. They sent it out in early December and within just four days their Facebook Page Likes had more than doubled.


We learned that in order to make a real and authentic connection with your customers, a brand sometimes needs a spokesperson or just a friendly face to act as their personality. This helps bring the brand to life and gives the audience a real person to associate with it. Kind of like putting a face to a name when you meet someone!

Additionally, for a brand that has little online presence or has customers who are used to interacting with them over the phone or another medium, they may need a little push to find and interact with them on social media. We learned that it certainly doesn’t hurt to give them a friendly reminder to check them out on social media.